Dear health professionals, dear friends in Serbia and all around the World.

A worldwide pandemic- epidemic in Serbia – caused by virus COVID 19 has showed the significance and essential role of health professionals in this very hard fight, which made us recognizable, now when our faces are covered by masks.

The Association of Health Professionals of Serbia would like to express admiration and respect to all health professionals, in Serbia and all around the World, for every day effort and work based on professional knowledge and experience, to keep the results positive for health of all citizens in this hard period.

Hard work, renunciation, futile risky fight are for sure the traits of health professionals, not just last days and weeks, also the future one. We are completely sure that we will face this challenge with our unwavering commitment and that we will provide the best possible treatment and care to our patients but with maximum caution to protect our health from the infection, applying all necessary measures and using all protective equipment.

Our professional knowledge and experience, self – esteem and emotional maturity, trust in yourself and others, modesty, credibility and wisdom of mind and heart, love and professional fulfillment make us ready to resolve the problems, not to personal harm, but in favor of life and health of all of us.

Health professionals are aware that prevention saves more lives than treatments, they are aware of their value, and now the appearance of COVID 19 has made that all citizens, young and adult, politicians and all other people understand the value of health professionals and to become aware that investment in healthcare is an investment in life. This difficult period has made the humanity aware that is really necessary make corrections in today’s “value system“ in favor of health,  because the life has no price.

The Association of Health Professionals of Serbia expect that the safety of health professionals will be a priority in this hard fight with epidemic, because the Association is giving full support in treatment and care of infected persons and also prevention of expanding the illness by the work of its members. 

Our mission and vision is recognizable by the fact that our priority is education and training aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens and health professionals.

We all know that these difficult moments will pass, but never again we will not allow to be visible just with the mask on our faces and we have to do that our knowledge, our beauty, our professionalism and the light of our face remain visible in the future time.

The Association of Health Professionals of Serbia

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